Garage Building

In my early online research, I began looking through the samples of garage plans that were for sale on the Internet. What I found were all kinds of pretty pictures of elaborate designs, designs that I didn't think I would be able to build myself. I was looking for a basic garage and not something with an architectural roof design or a livable attic.

I discovered that designing the standard basic garage that most of us are looking for is actually really simple, and it's not something that the Internet garage plan sites focus on. They focus on creating a variety of blueprints that are unique to them, but what you need is someone who can explain the process step by step so that you understand what you are getting into. That is the purpose of this web site.

After you understand the process, you will find that a local engineer is a great resource to help with the creation of blueprints that you can use to build your wood structure. In fact, if you check with your local building department, you might not even need engineered plans at all, they might have standard garage plans that you can use. If not, they can provide you with a list of engineers that are familiar with the building policies and conditions specific to your area. I go into more detail regarding these issues on my Blueprints page.

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