Wall Framing

The wall framing section describes in detail the process of assembling the walls and attaching them to the foundation. We'll talk about things like the strengths  and weaknesses of the framing, how important sheathing is, nailing schedules, and spacing.

This is the section that I'm currently adding information to so new articles will be appearing here over time.


Framing Definitions

First, we need to make sure we are speaking the same language. Let's start with some definitions of common framing terms and what they mean for our project.

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Framing Basics

There are several details that must be considered before we can begin our wall framing. Understanding these issues before we begin will reduce the chance for problems while we work.

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Decisions to Consider

At last, we're getting to the fun part!

There are different ways to assemble the walls. Some people choose to build the walls as they stand, others like to build them on the ground then lift them into place. I chose to frame the 2x6's on the ground, except for the doubled top-plate. This allowed for the strongest nailing. If I had built the walls standing up, I would have to drive the nails in diagonally from the studs to the sill plate and top plates, not nearly as strong.

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Assemble the Frame

On a flat area of ground, I laid out the framework for the first wall like this, before I drove in any nails:

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Raising the Wall

Now it's time to raise it into place! Either get a few people together, or use heavy machinery like I did.

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Build the Other Two Walls

Now that the first wall is done, you have the general idea, and the next two will be easy. Just remember to measure each wall's length 5-1/2" shorter than the foundation (for 2x6, or 3-1/2" if you're using 2x4's).

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Building the Pedestrian Door

The pedestrian door is good practice to prepare you for building the garage doors. When you get to the wall that will have the people-door, you will need to frame that area specially.

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